The Designer

The Designer

I'm Austin digital and graphic designer Marcos Lujan, and it is my professional objective to constantly seek out and absorb new ideas in visual communication, allowing me to serve my clients with the best visual design work possible.

I possess experience in graphic design, multimedia design, web and online marketing design, conceptualization, and television production. Utilizing skills obtained in these areas, I continue to refine my creative development approach in the hopes of producing a unique product to effectively convey and advance the desired idea or message.

I also enjoy illustrating, painting, writing and recording music, photography, and finding a great new cup of coffee. Samples of art works and music can be found on the Imagery and Music pages, respectively.

Check out my newest song, "Watching You," on the music page.

Below you will find my resume. If you feel I may be able to provide any design services, contact me to discuss or ask any questions.

Please have a look around and take in the sights and sounds. Thank you for visiting.




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